Glass exhibition – inspired by the industrial revolution

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Collapscapes is the innovative project, which was inspired by the industrial revolution. Exposure glass studying the processes that are closely linked to industrialization.

glass exhibition examines the results of industrialization

Glass exhibition - inspired by the industrial revolution

While the industrial revolution began, industrial processes were spatially limited. However, the company often had a lot of free space where machines were housed. When the situation has changed. Today, the trend is clear: the production hall is reduced manufacturing processes - mechanized. Collapscapes was inspired by this. Exposure glass and films on the subject were presented in Brussels and Geneva. Futuristic glass compositions reflect a plant, mining funnel tanks chemical gases. These compositions reveal the typical characteristics of modern industrial architecture. Visitors to the exhibition will also be presented with 3D maps, drawings and films.

glass exhibition combines film and modern art

Glass exhibition - inspired by the industrial revolution

The project was completed by a short film. Collapscape is not a Hollywood product, but rather a modern art that followed, reflecting industrialization in Hollywood. Exposure glass focuses on the architecture, not the history of the revolution industrial. Alongside the exhibition, a program of additional software Socrates is presented. The program writes the dialogues. Collapscapes a project of El ultimo grito design studio that examines the role of design and presents the technological advances in the production and movie communication.

The design studio el ultimo Grido was founded by Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo designers. Office based in London, explores the relationship between architecture, culture and technological progress. Your work is now recognized throughout Europe. Two years ago, the duo has created a network where research articles are published. Anyway, we are delighted by their creativity - especially intelligent combinations of multiple means of expression - short films in 3D, works and software has fascinated us.

Glass composition inspired by the industrial revolution

Glass exhibition - inspired by the industrial revolution

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