Industrial-chic shelf draw – practical advice and tips with dew

Wall shelf

If a tablet is broken, it is much easier for many people to buy a new one, instead of the previous repair. RTA furniture assembly and household items still have their charm and are also good for your wallet. Here, we show you how you can build a very nice and handy tray itself using a dew and a few suggestions.

Tablet building itself - Building materials and construction methods

Do it yourself

In order to achieve your individual creative ideas, you must use the right tools and materials for the construction of a shelf. We will give you some useful ideas that you can use at home. You need four strings or large strings of a length of 30 cm and a thickness of about 2 cm. Prepare four thinner strings - Of a thickness of about 0.5 cm to the same length before. You still need two planks of wood and a little 'flat. The color of the ropes course, it is also very important. Select the color that fits your room. The shelves can also vorbemalen. You still have 2 hooks, scissors and lighting are available. If you were worried about building materials, you can build your own home workshop, the dish itself.

Time to build it yourself - a guide to work

Industrial-chic shelf draw - practical advice and tips with dew

Drill four holes perforation plates in the four corners of each card that are large enough for the strings. Then paint the border on all sides. Take a thinner and thicker strings and insert them into the holes. In the first place, they make two nodes with a distance of 30 cm. Pull the ends of the rope through the holes of the first card and attach subset. If the tray is finished, attach it to the wall. See our proposal in pictures. So you can for a short time and with low tool to build a large plateau itself!

Ideas practice that focuses on the individual style

Industrial-chic shelf draw - practical advice and tips with dew

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